Introducing TRUESY

3 min readApr 26, 2021

Hello, world. Welcome to TRUESY.

We live in the midst of a Digital Renaissance, an era of history grounded in a new understanding of true ownership for the digital age. History has shown that culture-shifting moments often start with artists and creative thinkers, visionaries who embrace progress and challenge tradition. Today’s visionaries have turned the term “NFT” from a niche technical descriptor into a topic of global conversation and debate. Once again, art leads the way. TRUESY is built for these visionaries.

TRUESY is a highly curated NFT marketplace featuring iconic work from personalities and brands at the center of creative culture. TRUESY makes transacting and participating in the Digital Renaissance a truly enjoyable and intuitive experience for creators, brands, and collectors.


The surging popularity of NFT artworks and NFT collectibles represents the evolution of ownership and a victory for the accessibility afforded by the internet. Anyone with an internet connection can now create, collect, and trade NFTs. Many platforms now exist where a large variety of anonymous people from around the world buy and sell NFTs. TRUESY celebrates the democratization of participation in the art world, but also recognizes that in every era, only some creations stand the test of time. That is why TRUESY carefully curates its community of creators.


Very soon, TRUESY NFTs will represent more than artworks and other collectibles. NFTs will unlock new ways for people to interact with their favorite artists, brands, and personalities, and TRUESY will help foster this next generation of digital ownership. Stay tuned over the coming months as TRUESY bridges the digital and physical worlds.


TRUESY believes that true ownership of your digital property should not require in depth knowledge of crypto tools or necessitate the installation of a browser extension. TRUESY is built for everyone. You can log in with your Twitter account, pay with a credit card or with cryptocurrency, and still have true ownership of the artworks, collectibles, and other property you acquire on TRUESY. (For the crypto-literate reader, yes, you have your own wallet and true self-custody.)


TRUESY chose to use the Tezos blockchain for its NFTs for three reasons. First, using Tezos enables TRUESY to build for everyone because of the seamless experience offered by wallets like Kukai and because of the affordability of the blockchain transaction fees. Second, NFTs on Tezos, the first major Proof-of-Stake blockchain, require 2,000,000 times less energy than on legacy blockchains, meaning Tezos is clearly the environmentally sound choice. And finally, TRUESY believes the standard of longevity for an NFT should be at least 500 years, about the age of a Renaissance artwork today. The Tezos blockchain has a track record of consistent and significant upgrades, inspiring confidence that it will stand the test of time as technology continues to evolve.

Welcome to the Digital Renaissance. Welcome to TRUESY.




A curated NFT marketplace featuring culturally iconic work from the intersection of fashion, art, music, sports and technology.